1. Advanced Characterization of iPSC lines

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We examine iPSC lines deposited in and provided by RIKEN cell bank for their characteristics described below.

  • Self-renewal: We analyze proliferation rate and self-renewal marker expression in these iPSC lines.
  • Pluripotency: We analyze their pluripotency with embryoid and teratoma formation. Furthermore, if the targeted cell types in each disease are identified and can be obtained by established induction protocol, we will analyze the differentiation potency into these cell lineages.
  • Genes and genome: We analyze genomic integrity by karyotyping methods. If the responsible mutations are identified in each disease type, we analyze targeted sequences in each iPSC lines. If the responsible mutations are unknown, we perform whole genome sequencing or other massive genome sequencing methods to gain insight of the genetic cause of the disease and to use the sequence information for genome editing to generate modified iPSC lines