Tsukuba Encouragement Award (Young researchers division)

I will be awarded Tsukuba Encouragement Award (Young researchers division) from the Science and Technology Promotion Foundation of Ibaraki. This award is given to “Researchers who carrying out current research in the prefecture(age below 40), and with potential to achieve significant research results”. The ceremony with my lecture will be held on November 13. https://www.i-step.org/prize/tsukuba/index_en.html

A new technical staff joined

A new technical staff, Henmi-san has joined. She has much experiences in culturing human iPSCs and related experiments in other universities and institutes. Let’s do the best science together!

A Springer Nature scientific editor commented in their community blog

Jung-Eun Lee, a scientific editor in Communications Biology, an open access journal in the Nature Research family, commented our study as blog articles in Nature Research Bioengineering Community and Springer Nature Protocols and Methods Community. Thank you, Jung-Eun! https://protocolsmethods.springernature.com/channels/1912-from-the-editors/posts/47765-meet-communications-biology-authors-from-japan https://bioengineeringcommunity.nature.com/users/87860-jung-eun-lee/posts/47764-meet-communications-biology-authors-from-japan

Our lab’s 1st year anniversary

One year has been passed since I started my own lab. Thanks to many people who have supported us. Now, our team is made up of 10 people. And, it will increase a bit in this year. We seeded some project project last year. Some of them have been successfully sprouted. We grow them very carefully until they will bear fruit. I wish that you will continue to favor us with your support. Yohei Hayashi