A new technical staff

A new technical staff

We have a new technical staff, Dr. Tamami Wakabayashi.
Welcome to our lab!

A research grant from iPS Academia Japan, Inc

We have received a research grant from iPS Academia Japan, Inc

It’s very honor to receive it.

We will use the grant for our valuable studies on iPSCs efficiently.


A new research article has been published

We have published a new research article in Communications Biology, a newly launched journal from Springer Nature.

We have developed a system of automated adherent cell elimination by a high-speed laser mediated by a light-responsive polymer, called LiLACK (Laser-induced, Light-responsive- polymer-Activated, Cell Killing).

Fig. 1

We have demonstrated that human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) maintained their pluripotency and self-renewal during long-term culture using this system in each passage for sectioning. Furthermore, combined with deep machine-learning analysis on fluorescent and phase contrast images, we have developed a label-free and automatic cell processing system by eliminating unwanted spontaneously differentiated cells in undifferentiated hiPSC culture conditions.



Full article can be read below the link (open access)

Automated adherent cell elimination by a high-speed laser mediated by a light-responsive polymer
Yohei Hayashi, Junichi Matsumoto, Shohei Kumagai, Kana Morishita, Long Xiang, Yohei Kobori, Seiji Hori, Masami Suzuki, Toshiyuki Kanamori, Kazuhiro Hotta & Kimio Sumaru
Communications Biologyvolume 1, Article number: 218 (2018)

Invited lecture at Joint Japan-Spain Symposium on Medical Research

On November 7, Yohei Hayashi gave an invited lecture at Joint Japan-Spain Symposium on Medical Research. This symposium was held in celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Japan-Spain diplomatic relations and was sponsored by Japan AMED (Agency for Medical Research and Development) and Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities in Spain with the support of the embassy of Japan in Madrid.


A trainee student in my lab is selected for recipients of Otsuka Toshimi Foundation scholarship

One of our team’s trainee student, Evgeniia “Jenny” Borisova”, is selected for recipients of Otsuka Toshimi Foundation scholarship.
It is very honer to her and grateful for the foundation.

Congratulations, Jenny!

Poster presentation at TERMIS

On Sep 5, I will present a poster at the 5th TERMIS World Congress in Kyoto.

Interview article in Nikkei Industrial News Paper

On August 9, an interview article of Yohei Hayashi was published on page 5 of  Nikkei Industrial NewsPaper.
Thank you, Inomata-san (the writer)!

Published a co-authored article

From my previous laboratory (Gene regulation laboratory in University of Tsukuba),
an article titled “Live cell imaging of X chromosome reactivation during somatic cell reprogramming” has been published.

We generated female mouse embryonic stem cells (ESCs) that carry two-colored fluorescent protein expression on both alleles in X chromosomes. The ESC clones, which initially expressed both EGFP and hKO, inactivated one of the fluorescent protein genes upon differentiation, indicating that the EGFP and hKO genes are subject to X chromosome inactivation (XCI). When the derived somatic cells carrying the EGFP gene on the inactive X chromosome (Xi) were reprogrammed into iPSCs, the EGFP gene on the Xi was reactivated when pluripotency marker genes were induced. Thus, the fluorescent protein genes inserted into an intergenic locus on both X chromosomes enable live cell monitoring of XCI during ESC differentiation and XCR during reprogramming. This is the first study that succeeded live cell imaging of XCR during reprogramming.

Congratulations, Yen!

Young Faculty Special Award by University of Tsukuba

On July 3, 2018,
Young Faculty Special Award was awarded to me (Yohei Hayashi) by University of Tsukuba.
Press Release by University of Tsukuba (in Japanese)

The Young Scientists’ Prize by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

On April 17, 2018,
the Young Scientists’ Prize was awarded to me (Yohei Hayashi) by  the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan
(as The Commendation for Science and Technology 2018).

Press Release by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan (in Japanese) 
RIKEN Topics (in Japanese)
Press Release by University of Tsukuba (in Japanese)